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Hi, I'm Adam...

Your AI Property Manager

Adam is revolutionising Real Estate using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He works across your business, managing communications and automating administrative tasks. 

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Property management is hard!


More software than ever and no integrations!

Information is hard to find and harder to share

Knowledge is stuck in individuals and is easily lost

Adam combines deep knowledge of Real Estate with AI & Machine Learning

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Adam’s Skills

I can talk, text, schedule and so much more…


Adam takes maintenance requests and communicates with your tenants, workers and staff - everyone is always up to date


Adam uses his experience with over 700,000 work orders to know what needs to be done, who needs to do it and how long it will take


Adam can spot patterns that humans can’t by using his intelligent machine learning algorithms on calendars & jobs

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Adam transforms the way you communicate through all of your existing channels

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Adam is your first step to Property Management Automation


AI is changing the way businesses work.

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