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JLL launches ADAM for Stratford & Canary Wharf

Adam has assisted the Property Managers at JLL automate repair requests.

Adam has the highest rate of understanding the scope of jobs from the AI trials we have conducted
— Samuel Winnard , Director for Residential Property Management (JLL London)


JLL is a global brand in Property Management. They provide full end of end service to both individual & corporate landlords. As an early adopter of technology, JLL aims to create a consistent and seamless interaction for their residents while providing the best value service to their landlords. The challenge for JLL includes maximising the time of their Property Managers while being available for service at all time to maintain their strict service level agreements. The goal for ADAM at JLL is to implement an AI solution to create greater consistency and quality of customer experience and to improve efficiencies which would lead to increased margins.:

  • Be available 24/ 7 / 365

  • Reduce cost of After House Call Centers

  • Provide consistent Tenant Experience

  • Accurately accept tenant requests for repairs

  • Automate dispatch of jobs to appropriate subcontractors

  • Provide reporting to Property Managers for escalations


The feedback from the team on Adam’s performance is impressive along with the analysis of the conversations had by Adam. This was able to give us full insight into what the customer experience was for our residents
— Samuel Winnard , Director for Residential Property Management (JLL London)